Freedom from Anxiety and Depression

YOUR practical system that "Actually Works."



Learn actionable solutions and tools to serve you if;

  • Your self worth and confidence has taken a HIT, and by taking baby steps each day, you gain courage and self esteem.
  • You are feeling foggy, and having difficulty making decisions, and want to gain clearer thinking and long term focus.
  • Unrest, anxiousness, and discontent are ruling your life, and you want to gain peace and joy.
  • Not sure where to turn for help, learn what your MD doesn't know to tell you, and why standard treatment may not have helped you be truly healed.
  • Just not feeling like Yourself, and you desire to feel worthy, authentic, and have vitality for your life.
  • The inner self talk has gone haywire, and you want to turn down the volume on that inner villain of anxiety and depression.
  • Feeling like a failure and want to hide or keep this "Your Secret" and now you desire to overcome the shame and doubt of brain/mental health as you gain clarity.
  • Your moods and emotions are all over the place, Oh Dr. Isabel MD gets you, so learn to stop the hormone rollercoaster.

Develop confidence with small steps that you Build On!


🔵  Two 1 Hour LIVE Coaching" sessions per month with Anxiety and Depression Overcomer and Functional Medicine Dr. Isabel.

🔵  One 60 minute coaching session/month with Isabel and Michael to give you different perspectives on your journey through the practical system.

🔵  One 60 minute nutritional psychology session per month with Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert, Chef Michael, to learn how nutrition effects us mentally and physically. And he will help you in the kitchen with your precise nutritional needs that serve your healthy goals.

🔵  Weekly actionable steps and success guides to build your foundation of long term brain/mental health, with our system of "MIND" - "BODY" - "SPIRIT" that Actually Works in helping you to become your BEST you! 

Start today on YOUR process of becoming the BEST you with the "Freedom from Anxiety & Depression" personal coaching system that Actually Works!

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Spaces Available, Grab Your Application to the Program Today. YOU Deserve this!