Uncover the Best You by Becoming the CEO of Your Health. 

On this page is where you have the opportunity to join the other Achievers in Health who want to mastermind together with weekly Live Coaching Sessions. This is one the the highest level, yet most affordable team environments in the world, and as a member, here's what you get: 

- Exclusive coaching where Dr. Isabel MD and Culinary Nutrition Expert Chef Michael ( mdandchefteam ) reveal the success habits, tools, and capabilities that have allowed them to overcome their own personal health problems.

- Weekly Live group sessions where you get training along with practical tips on how to implement positive action right now!

- A Team and group setting where we all empower each other on a daily basis, as the group can interact and share in successes and failures. (opportunities for growth )

- A few of the topics will be coaching on; Reversing Diabetes Type 2, Ending Alzheimers, Overcoming Depression & Anxiety, Relationships, Intimacy, Mental Fitness, Parenting, Re-creating yourself at any age.

You will also get surprises, bonus offers, and special guests to serve and impact your life.

You can cancel anytime for any reason.

Join for $7/month or for Just $70, get a FULL 12 Months, 2 Months FREE!

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We are the MD and Chef Lifestyle Medicine Coaching Team. Our Mission is to help you prevent and reverse disease, and to give you HOPE!

We have been to the lows of life so we GET YOU! Oh yes, we do ...
And with coaching, persistence, consistency and determination to be our best, we know what can be achieved with the human spirit.
Obesity, diabetes type 2, cognitive decline, anxiety, depression, financial ruin, feelings of hopelessness and despair while being out of shape and stressed out. Yep, all of the above, and now in our sixties, we are in the best physical and mental health of our lives!!!
And we want to help you be your best, that's our Mission @ Doctoronamission. Come join us as this is our passion and calling to impact your life positively.